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The right weapons for your career to take off

Get a job in UK in 8 weeks in your training area

This course is for you who: 

- Who has sent many resumes and has never been called for an interview.
- Did some interviews but didn't pass.
- You have been out of your training field since he moved to the UK.
- Who wants to move to the UK already with a job offer and a sponsor.
- Who wants to change jobs and earn up to £10k more per year.
- Who wants to be independent and know how to build your resume
- Who wants to learn the main functions of LinkedIn and unlock many new possibilities.
- Who wants to learn how to increase your network and create your professional brand.
- Who wants to be prepared for interviews using competency-based techniques.
- Who wants to be hired and fulfil your dream of living in the UK working on what you love.


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